This Ned’s Declassified Confessions blog was like inactive for three months and still, I gained like 100 followers when I just posted like 5-6 confessions? Oh my gosh that was awesome.

Anyways, why? Why have I been inactive?

So here’s the thing, I have no confessions on my ask box and…no one is basically submitting anything. I love this show and since it’s summer (in our country), I have nothing else to do since school’s out so…

Submit confessions like seriously, happily fill my ask box with stuff, it could be about:

-The Actors in the show

-Tell how awesome or lame the show is, depends on your opinion

-Favorite/Least favorite characters (and it’s recommended to tell why you like these characters or dislike them but it’s not entirely required.)

-Favorite or Least Favorite Pairings

But what you can’t do when you submit confessions:

NO SWEARING or DON’T SUBMIT INAPPROPRIATE CONFESSIONS. I like to keep it PG, inappropriate confessions will not be accepted

Send Me Another Confessions About Ned’s Delcassified

Accepting more confessions! ‘Cause my ask inbox is empty, I emptied it out yesterday so…

Give me more confessions, accepting any.

There’s another confession on my ask box but I’m too lazy, please forgive me!
Gemini Confession- i dunno what type of confession your looking for, but here ya go anywho. Me-as a gemini- its extremely hard to control my opinions, considering i see two (or more) sides of every conversation / argument. My head is Kinda going insane from restlessness. i suppose i demand for a straight up answer for all my questions in my head. haha well hope this solves on of your needs for a Gemini Confession!

Thank you for your zodiac confession I’ll post it on my other blog allthatastrology. BUT THIS IS A NED’S DECLASSIFIED SSG CONFESSION BLOG

Wrong blog

Um okayy

I'm a Taurus, I'm a stoner, I have depression and I cheated on my bf in highschool.

THIS IS NOT AN ASTROLOGY BLOG. Did you mean to ask my other blog I run (allthatastrology)?

Submit stuff I accept ANY confession

So hey guys I posted confessions and cleared out my ask box. Now if you want to submit more please do.