This Ned’s Declassified Confessions blog was like inactive for three months and still, I gained like 100 followers when I just posted like 5-6 confessions? Oh my gosh that was awesome.

Anyways, why? Why have I been inactive?

So here’s the thing, I have no confessions on my ask box and…no one is basically submitting anything. I love this show and since it’s summer (in our country), I have nothing else to do since school’s out so…

Submit confessions like seriously, happily fill my ask box with stuff, it could be about:

-The Actors in the show

-Tell how awesome or lame the show is, depends on your opinion

-Favorite/Least favorite characters (and it’s recommended to tell why you like these characters or dislike them but it’s not entirely required.)

-Favorite or Least Favorite Pairings

But what you can’t do when you submit confessions:

NO SWEARING or DON’T SUBMIT INAPPROPRIATE CONFESSIONS. I like to keep it PG, inappropriate confessions will not be accepted

Send Me Another Confessions About Ned’s Delcassified

Accepting more confessions! ‘Cause my ask inbox is empty, I emptied it out yesterday so…

Give me more confessions, accepting any.

There’s another confession on my ask box but I’m too lazy, please forgive me!
Submit stuff I accept ANY confession

So hey guys I posted confessions and cleared out my ask box. Now if you want to submit more please do.

Submit Confessions

Now you can submit confessions through the ask box.

I’ll start doing the confessions next week, still busy with school work. So I made a short announcement that I can stockpile all the confessions.

Thanks again,